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Improvements to developer documentation

Monday, October 19, 2009

We've improved and reorganized the Google Checkout Developer Guide in several ways to make it easier for developers to choose and implement one of Checkout's integration options.

First, we've updated the left-hand menu and improved navigation throughout the documentation. We've also expanded the documentation to include all integration options, including email invoices, Buy Now buttons, and the store gadget. You can now either read more about which integration option is best for you or you can use the new recommender to guide you through a step-by-step questionnaire to help you decide.

In addition, we've reorganized the documentation into three main sections that are shown in the left-hand menu: 'How To', 'Developer Guide', and 'API Reference'. Two of the sections have been further divided into 'Part I: Setting up Checkout orders' and 'Part II: Processing orders'. In Part I, each integration option has a detailed 'How To' page that describes how to modify your website so that buyers can purchase your product or service through Google Checkout. In Part II, you can find details about the different ways to process those Checkout orders. In-depth descriptions of the HTML API and XML API for both Parts I and II can be found in the 'Developer Guide' section.

Please submit any comments or suggestions about these changes to the Developer Guide documentation category of the Checkout Merchant Forum.