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Sell with confidence using Google Checkout's fraud protection

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

With the Merchant Risk Council Semi-Annual Meeting taking place this week, we wanted to tell you more about the fraud detection and protection that goes on behind the scenes at Google Checkout. Every Checkout merchant benefits from our industry-leading fraud detection systems, which allow merchants to increase sales and reduce some of the costs and risks of running an online business. Overall, Google Checkout merchants experience significantly less fraud than industry averages reported in CyberSource's 2009 Fraud Report.*

Before orders are even charged, Google proactively filters out fraudulent orders using our proprietary fraud detection technology. We supplement this technology by performing manual reviews and examining buyer information across multiple merchants.

For orders covered by our Payment Guarantee Policy (98% of all Checkout orders on average), you won't waste any time or money in performing fraud checks or identity verification, even if the AVS or CVV information doesn't match or you aren't familiar with the customer. With Payment Guarantee information available at a glance in your account, you can quickly review what you need to decide if an order is safe to fulfill. And rest assured that, if you meet the conditions, Google will be responsible for any unwarranted chargebacks on all orders covered by the Payment Guarantee.

Google even provides useful tools for the small percentage of orders that aren't protected by the Payment Guarantee. We'll provide you with valuable customer information and chargeback representment services on all orders. Because you know your business best, this buyer verification information lets you run your own fraud checks and decide which orders to ultimately accept. We'll evaluate all chargebacks received and fight them on your behalf whenever possible.

To learn more about Google Checkout's fraud protection, please read the details in our Help Center. And be sure to come talk to us at the MRC Semi-Annual Meeting today and tomorrow. We'll have representatives from Checkout and AdWords at the event on both days.

*Comparison made in reference to the following statement in CyberSource's 2009 Fraud Report: "Merchants have consistently reported an average loss of 1.4% of revenues to payment fraud."