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Our approach to fraud prevention

Friday, August 11, 2006

Besides helping drive more leads to your site and increasing your sales, one of our top priorities is fraud protection. We've implemented a system to detect and prevent it, including such industry-standard checks as address and card verification, as well as advanced risk-modeling techniques. We also use cross-industry resources like global fraud blacklists to prevent known fraudsters from using Checkout.

And we supplement our systems with a dedicated team of risk specialists -- people who manually review high-risk transactions to minimize your chances of shipping products to fraudulent buyers. We manually review a very small percentage of transactions, and we take the potential effect of this review time on order processing very seriously.

That's why we are constantly evaluating and streamlining the review process, working to minimize the impact on order processing while still helping protect your business. We acted early on to address the feedback we received from some merchants about the review process, taking steps to streamline it, reduce review times, and communicate with sellers more clearly about our fraud-prevention efforts. We've also been working to fine-tune our systems so they're even more effective at identifying transactions that warrant review. We're committed to constantly improving this area and the entire product, so please let us know how we're doing and what we can do to ensure Google Checkout always serves your business.