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Checking in on Google Checkout

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some exciting news today on the Android Developers blog: Google Checkout is now supporting Android developers in 20 new countries, from Portugal to Mexico and beyond, bringing the total number of developer countries on Android Market to 29.

This comes at a very exciting time for Google Checkout. Looking back at the last year in particular, what stands out is the promising growth we’ve seen in the use of the service: The number of transactions on Checkout has tripled, the user base has grown 50 percent, and the number of active users is up by 120 percent -- all in the last 12 months. We’re now helping improve the online checkout experience for hundreds of thousands of sellers and developers, and tens of millions of buyers, in many locations around the world.

Checkout has also played a valuable role in enabling a fast, safe, and convenient purchase experience across Google products ranging from Android Market to YouTube Rentals. Looking ahead, Checkout will be featured as a payment method in upcoming initiatives like the Apps Marketplace, Chrome Web Store, and Google Editions, and we’re looking forward to working with an even larger set of developers, publishers, and buyers on them.

Like most of you, we’re focusing much of our energy right now on gearing up for the holiday season, and on helping merchants drive even more traffic and conversions from our rapidly growing user base during that crucial time of year. U.S. merchants should look for information about holiday promotions in your account and your inbox soon. (To be sure you don’t miss any promotion announcements, remember to opt in to receive emails from Google Checkout.)

Meanwhile, we want to thank all the sellers and developers who have helped us grow and improve Checkout over the last few years. We are more excited than ever to innovate for you, and we’ll continue to work toward delivering the fastest, the safest, and the most convenient purchase experience across the web and the mobile. Stay tuned!