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Pay on the go with the Android Payment Chrome Extension

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Imagine you’re selling at a market or expo and want to take credit cards. Rather than hassle with cash, you can use the new Android Payment Extension for the Google Checkout Store Gadget on your laptop to allow Checkout customers to purchase from their phones.

This extension helps merchants quickly set up a store and accept payments via Google Checkout and Android by following the steps below:

1. Create a Google Checkout merchant account and configure your tax on the Settings Tab
2. Use the Google Checkout Store Gadget Wizard to generate a webstore template
3. Fill in the Google Spreadsheet with information about the items you wish to sell
4. Create a Google Sites page and follow the wizard to embed the Store Gadget
5. Install the Android Payment Chrome Extension

Once your customer tells you the items he or she wants to buy, you can create a cart with those items on your laptop. You then click the green Checkout with Android button and have the customer scan the QR code displayed with their phone. The QR code directs your customer to the buy page where they can complete their purchase.

While this payment method may not be perfect for all cases, we hope you find it useful for setting up a shop on the go and that it inspires further innovation in the mobile and payment developer communities.