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Transaction fee information now available in the Google Checkout API

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Many merchants have requested a way to receive information about transaction fees through Google Checkout API notifications, and we're pleased to announce that this feature is now available. Merchants who have implemented the Notification API, Notification History API, or Polling API can now indicate that they would like to receive information about transaction fees in Google Checkout notifications.

To enable this feature in your Google Checkout merchant account, go to the Settings tab, select 'Integration', and expand the 'Advanced settings' section. Then, check the box next to 'Notifications must include information about transaction fees' and then click the Save button. You will then begin receiving information about transaction fees for your orders in any charge-amount-notification, refund-amount-notification, and chargeback-amount-notification messages that are sent to your notification handler.

Please post any questions or feedback you have about this new feature in our Merchant Forum.