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Donate for Earth Day and watch your generosity spread

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On April 22, the world will celebrate Earth Day -- a day when people gather together to raise awareness about the state of the planet, and to take action on issues that affect our environment. And now Google Checkout offers a unique way for you to contribute.

Starting today, you can use Google Checkout to make a contribution to an environmental non-profit on behalf of friends and family. Your donation will be indicated as a marker (using your zip or postal code) on a personal view of Google Maps. If the people you donated on behalf of follow your example and donate, they will be added to your map as well. And when your friends donate on behalf of others, their donations will also appear on your map, so you can see how your generosity grows.

To learn more about donating to an environmental non-profit using Google Checkout, visit our Checkout Earth Day page. If you'd like to see what else Google is doing to support Earth Day, take a look here. Happy Earth Day!