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Google Checkout badges on non-profits' AdWords ads

Thursday, November 15, 2007

One of the great things about working at Google is the opportunity to contribute to the company's support of the non-profit community. Google works with non-profits in a number of different ways, ranging from helping them increase their visibility and drive traffic to their sites through the Google Grants program, to providing them with special versions of products like Google Apps, Google Earth, and YouTube which help them take better advantage of new technology as they work to further their causes.

As a member of the Google Checkout team, I've been able to make a contribution by helping launch Google Checkout for Non-Profits, which enables non-profits to collect online credit card donations free of charge (and free of hassle) using Checkout. And today I'm happy to announce that we will now begin displaying the Google Checkout badge on the AdWords ads of non-profit organizations who use Checkout.

An important part of Google Checkout is matching up users with convenient, secure places to shop when they search, and the Checkout badge on AdWords ads is one of the ways we've been able to do that. In this same vein, we're adding the Checkout badge to non-profits' AdWords ads to help connect donors and non-profits more easily, and ultimately make donating to them as fast, simple, and secure as possible. And, of course, Google has committed to processing Checkout donations for free through at least the end of 2008, so donors can support their favorite non-profits knowing that 100 percent of their donations will reach those organizations.

If you'd like to learn more about how Google Checkout for Non-Profits might be able to help your non-profit organization, head over to