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Your feedback at work

Thursday, October 18, 2007

We pay close attention to the feedback we get from merchants in discussion boards, blogs, and email, and we are always working to improve Checkout in response.

The most recent example: today we launched a new report so you can easily review and download your previous orders. Go to your Merchant Center inbox and find the "Download data to spreadsheet (.csv)" link -- clicking the link will download a comma-separated file that lists order-specific information. (Please note there is a 30-minute delay between orders in your inbox and orders appearing in the report.)

Another new feature suggested by merchants is the ability to access your buyer's ship-to phone numbers via the Merchant Center, in case you want to make sure your special delivery truly arrives on time. And these launches follow other recent releases including line-item shipping, carrier-calculated shipping, and simplified buy buttons.

We hope these enhancements make the lives of our merchants easier -- so give them a try and keep that feedback coming!