Google Checkout Blog

From the field: CSN Stores

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

For us here at CSN Stores, Google Checkout has been a welcome addition to our host of over 50 online home-furnishing websites!

We cater to a wide range of furniture budgets and tastes with sites like Bedroom Furniture Direct, Dining Rooms Direct, and more. We began working with Google through the AdWords program, and we are excited to take part in this latest opportunity.

We've seen a relatively high number of customers prefer Google Checkout, and we think it’s doing wonders for attracting new business. The Checkout icon in our AdWords advertisements helps bring us new customers and the Checkout button helps convert them by displaying the trusted Google name. Google Checkout also helps convert customers that come from other advertising channels by offering them a convenient and secure new checkout process.

We constantly strive to provide better service to our customers and Google Checkout helps us do that!