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Driving higher conversion rates

Monday, November 10, 2008

As the important holiday shopping season draws near, we've compiled a list of tips merchants can use to increase their Google Checkout conversions.

1) Make sure that your "Google Checkout Accepted" logo is on all of your site's pages. Shoppers may arrive at your site at places other than your main landing page, such as product reviews or customer support. Make sure they know you offer Google Checkout even if they find your site in ways you didn't expect. Here's more about Acceptance Logos and how to use them properly.

2) Have your Checkout button placed "above the fold" -- the part of your webpage that's visible without scrolling. This is usually good practice for any element on your site that you want to prioritize.

3) Include a link to a "What is Google Checkout?" page underneath your Checkout button. Guidelines for implementing this Google-hosted page that answers basic buyer questions can be found here under the section labeled "Messaging."

We hope you find these tips useful for increasing your holiday conversion rates. And here are even more ways to help drive sales using other Google products.