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Product Search and Checkout - A Perfect Match

Friday, March 14, 2008

Did you know about the ways Google Product Search and Google Checkout can work together to increase traffic and sales to your site? For those not familiar with the service, Product Search allows merchants to upload their products for free, making their products more discoverable for Google users. Using Product Search and Google Checkout together can be even more effective to connect you with potential buyers. If you're a Google Checkout merchant, the Checkout badge will appear next to your listings in the Product Search results. Users even have the option of searching for only Checkout-enabled items.

We've heard great success stories from merchants who have leveraged Google Product Search and Google Checkout to grow their business. Shawn Butler, head of development at, recently said that, "The combination allows buyers and sellers to find each other through Google, and online retailers to benefit as a result." According to Shawn, Product Search now accounts for more than 35% of his store's overall sales. Visit Google Product Search to learn more about uploading your products for free.