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Five new API features

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Today we launched an "Advanced Settings" section in the "Integration" tab under settings. This section lets Level 2 integrated merchants opt in to take advantage of new features without affecting any other part of their Checkout integration. Right now there are five specific features that merchants can opt in to use:

* Name Parsing: Provides the first name, last name, and full name of the buyer and order recipient in separate fields new order notifications.
* Google Promo Notification: If an order is placed under a Google promotion, you can require new order notifications, charge amount notifications, and refund amount notifications to include the promotion amount.
* Ship-to Phone: Returns the buyer's ship-to phone number in new order notifications.
* Billing Phone: Returns the buyer's billing phone number in new order notifications.
* Improved Notifications: Prevents a merchant from improperly acknowledging a new order notification by requiring their acknowledgment to specify the serial number of the notification.