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Artist uses Checkout for international sales

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

While most people know that Checkout helps retailers sell more, it can help artists too. For instance, a well-known spray can artist called Vulcan sells his art using Google Checkout. He told us that Checkout has helped him be more successful in selling his art on the web. "Spray can art is international," he told us. "I have painted around the world, and putting my art on the web lets people see the pieces I create right after I'm done with them. Google Checkout lets people buy them without a lot of hassle, so I can keep on doing my art."

Not long ago Vulcan moved from New York to San Francisco to develop his art in a new environment. He's often invited to do solo shows such as this one, and recently he was at Google to paint a set of Google Mini search appliances for our Japanese launch. Take a look.

And don't miss this cool time-lapse video of a painting coming to life at Google by hip-hop filmmaker Kevin Epps.