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From the field: Ritz Interactive on Checkout

Thursday, March 15, 2007

At Ritz Interactive, we operate a leading network of e-commerce websites that include,,, and other popular online shopping destinations. We offer a full array of photographic and consumer electronic products as well as a wide range of marine, boating, and fishing products, at competitive prices for online shoppers.

We originally decided to implement Google Checkout because of its potential to deliver more traffic, increase conversions, and lower processing costs, but none of us here could have anticipated the popularity and acceptance that the product eventually achieved. We've never seen one product or promotion have the tremendous positive impact that Google Checkout had for Ritz Interactive in the fourth quarter of 2006, helping us grow over 30 percent during that period of time.

With the holiday season now behind us, Google Checkout continues to positively impact our business. The new Google Checkout badge that appears on our AdWords advertisements has given us a 23% lift in click-through rate. And Google Checkout does a great job of helping to convert that additional traffic into more sales; customers that use Google Checkout convert 24% more frequently than those that go through our standard checkout process.

We look forward to working even more closely with Google to take advantage of future enhancements and innovations that will help us grow our business even more