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From the field: Skates on Haight

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Our goal at Skates On Haight is to get our skate supplies into the hands of as many skaters as possible as quickly and inexpensively as we can.

Google Checkout helps us reach more skaters -- and convert more of them into customers. It encourages first time buyers to take a chance with e-commerce, and creates a secure, comfortable payment system that gives customers peace of mind when they are buying from an unfamiliar company. For the seller, it takes a lot of the guess work out of identifying fraudulent orders. We used to call every customer to make sure their order was valid. Now, we just process the order, which saves us a lot of time, and the program also puts more money in my pocket with lower transaction fees.

Together, Skates On Haight and Google Checkout have a bright and promising future. It's a very customer- and business-friendly service, and I have found it to be more helpful than other checkout options.