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From the field: Big Blue Saw

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

At Big Blue Saw, we are showing the world a better way to do custom manufacturing. Our customers upload their designs to our website. We then make these designs come to life in metal and plastic through the use of advanced robotic machining technology like waterjet cutting.

But as with any new business, Big Blue Saw was facing several problems. We were not only a new business, we were a new kind of business. Potential customers thought we had a great idea, but were afraid to trust us with both their dreams and their money. To top it off, we actually received e-mail from customers telling us that they were uncomfortable using our existing payment processor.

We wanted to make sure that our customers felt as comfortable as possible with the ordering process. This is why we have given them the added option of using Google Checkout. The Google name may mean the difference between a customer and just another visitor to the site.

Since installing Google Checkout, we've had excellent feedback. Most of our new customers prefer using Google Checkout over our existing shopping cart and payment system. They seem really happy with both, our service and with the Google Checkout system. There haven't been any complaints or glitches with the system. Google Checkout's forward-thinking approach to e-commerce and customer relations is an excellent match for our forward-thinking approach to manufacturing.