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Opening up the Merchant Referral Program

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Not too long ago we announced a new program for e-commerce providers to help them integrate Google Checkout into their shopping cart applications. In addition to helping with integration, we also offer incentives to get their merchants up and running with Checkout.

Well, e-commerce providers aren't the only group that can help merchants get started with Google Checkout, so we're opening up the incentive program to everyone who maintains a relationship with online merchants. That could include developers, web hosting providers and web designers, just to name a few.

Those who are eligible for the Merchant Referral Program will earn incentives for one year: 0.5% of all Google Checkout sales processed by the merchants they refer, and an additional $25 for each merchant that processes at least $500 in sales and 3 transactions with Checkout. So if you work with online merchants, apply today to start earning cash for the merchants you refer to Google Checkout.